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Fables from Wvanidus Lystria: The Curious Nereid

Fables from Wvanidus Lystria: The Curious Nereid

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Long before the birth of the Human Siren, there was Tarian Caryopteris, the headstrong and adventurous prince of the Nereid Pod, youngest son to the Greatparents, Desirea & Chadrezzar.

Tarian longs to know more of the Human world, and with his Crura phase about to take place, he knows that finally having legs will give him a chance at that dream.

But his mother sees things differently. As a new guild of Siren hunters called Siren Serpents is established, Desirea worries that they’ll come after Nereids too and encourages her son to stay beneath the surface.

But Tarian may just be a little too curious…

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