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Fables from Wvanidus Lystria: Plight of the Guardians

Fables from Wvanidus Lystria: Plight of the Guardians

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There was a time when the Coast wasn’t Withering.


When peace reigned supreme in all of Wvanidus Lystria.


When it was called by its original name: Melodacius Lystria


When the Aquatic Circle lived in quiet harmony.


That was when the Guardians ruled harmoniously. Protecting and nourishing the Aquatic Circle. Keeping peace and justice steady.


But a house divided against itself, cannot stand and even the brightest stars can burn out…


Melodacius Lystria is a coast teeming with Aquatic life: Nereids, Sirens, Nymphs, Selkies and more.

When A•z•ari’ah, a young Warrior Siren, is selected to be trained for the position of a Guardian of the coast, he is determined to give all he can in the Trials to achieve his goal.

But the internal trials A•z•ari’ah faces prove far more difficult than the external ones required to become a Guardian…

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Additional Info

Short Description

This prequel to the Pirates of the Withering Coast series is an epic fantasy where contenders train to become Guardians of an Aquatic Realm...

Ratings & Content Guide

This book is recommended for those aged 16 and up, it includes heavy subjects such as:


There is:

Trope Guide

Read if you enjoy:
slow burn romance
mixed mythology
whimsical locations
brooding cinnamon rolls
grumpy & sunshine
rivals to starcrossed lovers
origin stories
mutual pining
short chapters
only one Pegasus
forced proximity

Enchanted Exclusive Edition

This edition offers:

A beautiful casewrap design drawn by @snowarox on Instagram.

Artworks within the book.

Bonus scenes

A short story

Deleted scenes.